Why #YFYI? / by Sonny D


Why #YFYI?

I guess you could say I’m a problem solver. So why YFYI? It’s simple. Success stories, lots of them. That’s it. End of story. End of post. Well I guess I can go a little deeper. When I graduated from beauty school it was during a unique period of growth in our country. At the end of school I found myself in a great position, one as a stylist in a salon that was reimagining itself and the other as an educator at a brand new school. I was off to the races. That position isn’t as common these days. I mean that was the boom time 2005 before we ran in to that little financial hardship called the "Great Recession”. The climate is different today, but I’m still looking for new mountains to conquer. I mean isn’t that what life is all about? Like when I opened my first salon to create better opportunities for the graduating beauty professionals this problem has met its maker too. So lets address it. We currently have over 1,569 accredited beauty schools in america, graduating approx. 100 beauty professionals a year. Do the math that’s 156,900 new stylist being produced.


So as you sit with that number in your head, you may ask yourself were are they? Well unfortunately the majority of them are no longer in the beauty industry after 18 months. That my friends is "the problem". I believe YFYI is "the solution". YFYI contains guidance for those crucial first 12-18 months out of school, when as a graduate you are most fragile and vulnerable. I address questions such as what to say in an interview, networking, financial expectations, goal setting and a whole lot more. I believe it will act as a GPS for those beginning times and beyond. With as many new stylist that are being produced on an annual basis there’s just not enough success stories out there and that need to change. So take my hand and lets change the industry again. The industry that I’ve dedicated my life to. An industry that has such a huge impact on the world and literally the people in it have the responsibility to make the world a more beautiful place. If you haven’t read YFYI get your copy (here) 

See you on the battle field!