YFYI Chapter Snapshot

Ch.1 Why... Is this industry for you? Discover your why and learn how to anchor your career to it. It’s essential to understand your “why” so when the rainy days come you’re ready. 

Ch.2 Resumes, Portfolios, and other waste of time. In this chapter I discuss how to reinvent the boring rearview mirror resume and create a windshield point of view. Learn how to position yourself as an asset to the company not a liability.

Ch.3 Salon InterviewS- It's not love at first sight. Learn how to go from being an interviewee to an interviewer, ask the right questions and qualify a salon to meet your career goals.  

Ch.4 Show me the Money- Numbers don't lie. There’s no way around it. If you don't know your numbers how do you expect to grow them. Here I’ll take the pain out of it and get you on the path to mastery. 

Ch.5 Hustle Muscle- What's your DNA? The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary. Here learn the importance of rolling up your sleeves and getting work done.

Ch.6 Networking- Do or Die.  Getting new business is an essential part of your journeys beginning. Learn tips to help you articulate your “ask” and master your pitch. 

Ch. 7 Goals-Set em' but don't forget em' Most people don't have them because they’ve never been taught how to set them. Follow this formula and set real attainable targets.

Ch. 8 Mentors vs. Coaches- why you need them both. The power of having a team of advisors has propelledsome of the most successful people on the planet and it can do the same foryou too. Here I’ll stress the importance of finding yours.

Ch. 9 Location, location, location. Why bouncing around will ruin your career. I can sum it up in a few short words. Stick and stay is bound to pay. Here we’ll talk about joining a company not just working for one.

Ch. 10 What if... you do make it? Getting through your first year is just the beginning. What happens next? Here we’ll take a look at things to ponder as you continue to grow.