Standards by Sonny D



Do standards still exist? Recently I was having a conversation with a couple of colleagues about standards. The question arose of whether or not standers still exist. Overwhelmingly the answer is yes standards do exist but standards have been lowered drastically. Why has that occurred? These are some of the reasons that came out of the discussion. It’s too hard or should I say it’s too easy. Why work hard for something like a big bank account, a small waist line, an incredible relationship, when you can just settle for the easy path or as it’s referred to the path of least resistance. Another reason it’s believed that standards have been lowered is because of instant gratification. People want instant results and unfortunately those results aren’t long-lasting. One area where you can see this is in manufacturing. Today it’s all about making things cheaper and faster then what was possible before. Unfortunately with that comes lower quality, higher rate of ineffectiveness, faulty equipment, programs and products. I believe that we need to take a serious look at standards because if we continue to settle or decrease our standards in the long run we are going to decrease our advancement in many different areas including feeling fulfilled. This is a call for you take a look at your standards in all areas, professional, business, personal, physical, financial and give yourself a rating and set a goal to raise your standards. Remember you become what you are not what you want. By elevating your standards now you’re setting in motion a ripple effect that will affect generations to come. Cheers to high standards.

Success is fair. by Sonny D

 #Success requires defying the odds. I never make any promises when it comes to success. I mean just look at the odds in one area that we can measure, economics. 95% of the wealth is controlled by 5% of the population. Why? Is that fair? I think so.

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