Rollin' With The D EP19 - The Laws Of The Mind / by Sonny D

The Laws of The Mind. Just like the laws of gravity the laws of the mind govern how we think. It's all in the approach. If you follow these laws you can begin to unlock your inner greatness, become more focused and increase productivity. 

Make sure you subscribe and share each episode with your friends. I will be creating show notes with resources and other tips and business strategies after each show. Rollin' with the D is where I'll literally be "hacking" the beauty business one show at a time! I am excited to go on this journey and hope you'll tune in to the "live" show which will air on and also be distributed out through our other channels. Stay tuned!

Hack def.- to cut through the outer layers, destruct in order to reconstruct, gain better understanding and create breakthroughs.