Is Loyalty DEAD? / by Sonny D

Greetings from the trenches.


Do you believe that loyalty is dead? As I look across the landscape today its hard to tell. Whether its business, friendships, sports teams, politics it seems like we are in a nation of "fence sitters" and "I'm gonna stick my toe in it" mentalities. Where did we go wrong? Who betrayed who? When you are hit with over 3 million messages a day from different mediums, maybe it's all those distractions that cause people to change their minds? When I'm in different circles people always joke about having A.D.D (attention deficit disorder), but with all those distractions who wouldn't? I think we need to revisit LOYALTY in a big way! Here's a few items I think we need to adopt to move in that direction.


1. Develop a "burn the boats mentality". A story I heard once about Spanish conquistador Captain Hernan Cortés, who set out to conquer Mexico, as he was landing on the enemies land, grossly out numbered but determined to be victorious gave these orders to his crew.  Once they reached land he ordered them to light the boats on fire. He said "We either take the land or perish", as they charged forward. Demonstrating loyalty to his mission. What mission are you loyal to?

2. Give 120%. A lot of times we expect to get everything out of what we are doing before we give 120% of ourselves. If something isn't working out for you it's time to get real and face yourself in the mirror. Before you think about quitting or changing sides, ask yourself, have I given all that I can? This question if answered honestly can compel you to stay in the fight.

3. Recognize nothing good comes easy. From the outset recognize nothing good will be a cake walk. If you know it's going to be an uphill battle from the start, then when the going gets tough, you'll get going. Through the good and the bad. When you come out victorious, it'll be a sweet victory.


I want loyalty to be alive and well and I hope you do too. Hopefully it didn't die with Tony Soprano, the Godfather, Michael Jordan and Derek Jeter, a few characters who I think have demonstrated tremendous loyalty to their missions, teams, and causes. Demonstration of loyalty may be hard to find, but if you fully commit there's a future in it. Let not the bright and shiny object distract you. Stay Loyal my friends

Now let's get back to building our empires! Talk to you soon!