Passion vs. Suffering / by Sonny D


At your own risk.

At your own risk.


From the Trenches. I constantly hear people using the word passion and wanted to share some insights with you about the word itself.

Passion vs. Suffering 

Have you ever heard someone say "I'm so passionate about…. this or that"? Well what does passion really mean? I think the word passion has been misused. It's become a conversational piece and needs to be revisited. Historically speaking the word passion comes from the Latin verb patere or passiō, meaning to suffer. Today we apply it as a term to describe a very strong feeling about a person or thing. It's a bit of both I think, because if you really have that strong feeling about a person or thing then you're willing to suffer. When it comes to your chosen field of endeavor have you ever been told "find your passion and you'll be happy"? Well knowing what we know now about the origins of the word, another way to phrase that could be, What are you willing to suffer for until you're happy? Whatever that is, is where you'll find your REAL passion. I think passion is really an action not a noun. It's a demonstration not a conversation piece. Real passion will hurt and feel great, sometimes at the same time. Real passion will require fight, tenacity, resilience and the ability to endure long periods of suffering over long periods of time. Doesn't sound as sexy now, does it? For the select few who are willing to really BE passion, not just TALK passion, will find on the other side of the suffering awaits enormous amounts of victory, wealth, and joy. However very few will ever realize it because the alternatives that exist are too easy. Giving up, quitting, jumping ship, switching teams..etc., have all become acceptable actions today. So here's the question, is passion dead? I believe passion is alive, I believe passion is life and life my friends ain't easy, so neither am I. What about you, are you ready to suffer? Are you ready to BE passion? 

If so then remember it's about action. Now let's get back to building our empires. Talk to you soon!