Women's Haircut
Women's Haircut
Women's Haircut

Whether its short or long, curly or straight the haircut is the style. Let one of our designers create the perfect look for you. One that suits your bone structure, texture and lifestyle.

Our team of Designers are broken down based on R.E.D.

Reputation, Experience and Demand

All Stylist regardless of prior experience go through the salon 1.0 Training System prior to being able to work on our guest. They all are certified in our foundation haircutting, hair coloring, styling and product knowledge systems to ensure they can offer the highest level of service and experience.

Based on R.E.D. we offer 2 Phases and 5 different Elements for you to choose from:

Phase 1 & 2 Stylist:

Are Stylist who have completed their initial training and began building their reputation on the design floor. These Stylist have been with the salon 1.0 typically 1-2 yrs.

Element 1 Stylist:

Stylist who are developing their artistry in all disciplines and beginning to specialize in their chosen area. These Stylist have been with the salon 1.0 typically 2-3yrs.

Element 2 Stylist:

Stylist who have chosen a specialty although they may perform all services, these Stylist have gone through additional training and certifications in one specific discipline. These Stylist have been with the salon 1.0 typically 3-4yrs.

Element 3 Stylist:

Stylist who have certified two specialties and also help mentor and train new team members. These Stylist have been with the salon 1.0 typically 4-5yrs.

Element 4 Stylist:

These are our more advanced Stylist and custom designers. They have certified as a specialist in all three disciplines, cut, color, and styling. They also train and mentor new team members.

Element 5 Stylist:

Our most advanced team members. These Stylist are your salon Directors and artistically guide the entire team. They are responsible for certifying our specialist and conducting ongoing trainings. They are also specialist in all disciplines.

Phase 1 starts at -31

Phase 2 starts at -36

Element 1 starts at -43

Element 2 starts at -53

Element 3 starts at -63

Element 4 starts at -73

Element 5 starts at -83

All Haircuts include the "Wash House Experience" and finished style.