Rising Star Application

*if applying for stylist position must be a graduate or currently enrolled in Cosmetology school                    Date__________                                                                                                    (attach a photo)

Name_______________________________________    date of birth ___/____/_____

City_______________State_______ zip___________cell phone ___________________    

 Position applying for_______________________                     

Email _______________________________________

What's your profile on facebook____________________instagram___________________

How many hours do you have?_________What teams are you involved in?_____________________________

Are you interested in makeup?___________

Where are you from?_____________________Are you willing to relocate?_______________

What part of the industry do you like the most?_______________________

Name 2 of your mentors?____________________________

What do you believe is the best asset you would bring to team 1.0?___________________________________

email completed form to: infots1.0@gmail.com subject NEW HIRE